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Stephen Policoff's 3rd novel, Dangerous Blues, will be published in November 2022 by Flexible Press.




Stephen Policoff's new story, an excerpt from a work-in-progress, is up on the estimable Oyster River Pages:



Stephen Policoff’s second novel, Come Away, won the Mid-Career Author Award and was published by Dzanc Books in November 2014. His memoir, Sixteen Scenes From A Film I Never Wanted To See, was published by Monkey Puzzle Press, in January 2014. His essay, “Music Today?” about his disabled daughter’s experience in music therapy, won the Fish Short Memoir Prize and was published in Fish Anthology 2012 (West Cork University Press, Ireland). His first novel, Beautiful Somewhere Else, won the James Jones Award and was published by Carrol & Graf in 2004. His fiction and essays have recently appeared in THE RUMPUS, KINDLING QUARTERLY, PROVINCETOWN ARTS, and many other publications. His 3rd novel, Dangerous Blues, will be published by Flexible Press in Fall 2022. He is currently Clinical Professor of Writing in Global Liberal Studies at NYU.